Mission, Vision, Values


The ACMA mission is to educate, support, promote and celebrate all levels of Alberta Country Music Talent  and Industry,  as  the membership strives to achieve their goals; while  encouraging  Alberta based companies to become involved in the organization.


The ACMA Board will adhere to the following:


  • Effective, clear concise communication to our membership and Board
  • Be professional and informed on Board  and association happenings
  • Be positive towards the Board, the association and the members and have compassion when communicating
  • Follow up and follow through on decision and commitments
  • To meet more regularly than the required two times per year (min number of times to be determined)
  • To learn, share and utilize the unique strengths of each Board
  • Adhere to an agreed upon email protocol
  • Promote the ACMA to people and companies we encounter
  • Create something (clothes etc.)  that will increase Board
  • Visibility and awareness of the  ACMA at functions
  • Represent the ACMA in a positive light  and correct any misconceptions that exist
  • Portray a unified front and promote confidence in the association
  • Be kind,  constructive, professional and ethical
  • Forward thinking and proactive anticipating changes and impact on the ACMA
  • Active in meetings and the industry
  • Receptive and responsive to the membership so members feel confident and comfortable approaching the Board.
  • Engage in a yearly strategic planning process
  • Listen to all ideas and be open minded


The Vision of the ACMA is:

  • To provide a community of like minded people  a place to go for timely and accurate advice, knowledge, opportunity, and music industry expertise and  become THE credible resource for all Alberta Country Music Industry inquiries and information.
  • To increase membership and  inspire confidence among our members by being accountable and actively following through on our mandate.
  • To bring the ACMA to the forefront of the country music community by becoming  a  valued, recognized, credible organization within the Canadian Country Music industry.
  • To create a clear professional identity  that is recognized through consistent branding and professional communications to instill membership pride with the ACMA
  • To have an association that is thriving with a sustainable income and financial security to ensure we can continue to strive to achieve our mission and vision.
  • To foster country music and present an annual awards show  and showcase provincial talent.