Artist Alumni

  • $40/yr

Now, as much as the ACMA wants to develop and nurture the next generation of talent, we salute and support all of the greats who have paved the way.  This is why the ACMA created a special category for the Pros.  The ones who compete for the National awards and proudly represent Alberta on both the International and National scene.  Any individual whose permanent address once was, or still may be in the province of Alberta, and who they themselves feel their contribution to the music industry as a whole falls under the umbrella of Country Music; AND the individual's role in the music industry is or has been that of a Performer/Artist/Entertainer, and has attained a significant level of Provincial/National recognition and is acknowledged as such by their peers with in the industry.  This one is for you.  In fact, we even made the “Entertainer of the Year” Award just for you to battle amongst your peers for that honour.